Coloring With Thread DVD By Ann Fahl

Coloring With Thread DVD

Ann has a DVD about free-motion embroidery. Watching it will make you feel like you are having your own private workshop with Ann. There are demos on how she embroiders on the machine; free-motion using both the straight and zigzag stitch. She shows some of her most recent quilts, gives you tips on successful embroidery, and talks about her work. A short tour of Ann's studio will give you a peek inside where all her quilts are created.

She begins the lessons with: information about fusing; thread and embroidery; talks about good lighting; and demonstrates various free-motion techniques. She explains directional stitching; zigzag free-motion; color blending; threading the machine; bobbins and tension; quilting; quilt blocking; and lots more!

For more information on the SewSlip that Ann uses in this dvd, go to

Purchase the DVD alone or in addition to her book, you will find the information helpful whether you are a traditional or a contemporary quilter.

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