A Black and White Tale by Ann Fahl

A Black and White Tale

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A Black and White Tale This is a group of cat quilts that will be touring from 2006 to 2008. Its debut was in Racine, Wisconsin in November 2005. Then it traveled to New Jersey, Denver, Philadelphia, Santa Clara CA, Lancaster PA and Chicago among others. Please see Ann's schedule for a complete listing of upcoming show venues.

The first feline quilt was Broken Teapot © 2000. It was made as a sample for Ann’s Telling a Story workshop. For that reason, it was a simple and uncluttered design. She enjoyed making the quilt so much, she decided to make another, then there was another, etc. Each quilt becomes more detailed and complex, as it tells another little story. All the quilts in Ann's cat gallery are included.

This show is available to groups, galleries and museums searching for exhibits. Please contact Ann for availability.

The quilts contain a variety of techniques. Some have a lot of hand beading, others have none. There is some patchwork, applique and photograpic imagery. All include Ann’s specialty: machine embroidery and quilting. The entire group of quilts includes colorful snippets of fabric, thread and fun.

Oreo came from a shelter as a full grown cat. She has changed, irritated, exasperated and enriched the life of her family. It is Ann’s hope that you enjoy viewing some of the life of Oreo. As we all know, putting a little back and white fabric in a quilt will give it some contrast and drama. This black and white has hair!

About the artist: Ann Fahl is a prize-winning quilter that has exhibited her quilts in competitions and exhibitions in the US and abroad. She is a free-lance writer, pattern designer, teacher and author of Coloring with Thread. Thank you for visiting.

If you wish to purchase a quilt; you may pay by check, via PayPal, or use Ann's layaway plan. Please fill out Quilt Purchase Agreement for layaway option.

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