Tea Party by Ann Fahl

Tea Party

Price: $2,850.00  Size: 37 x 38 inches
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At 4:00 on long winter afternoons, I like to take a break from my studio activities and have a cup of tea. Oreo and I sit at my cutting table, in the studio, watch Oprah, and sip a cup of tea. This is a few moments of relaxation for me while I rest my eyes and shoulders from a long day at the computer or sewing machine. Then I finish up my sewing for the day, start dinner and evening preparations for my family.

This quilt focuses on my new red teapot, which rests in my kitchen in an out-of-the-way place, yet I can still enjoy it. (Please also view and read the story about Broken Teapot!)

The figures on this quilt are fused and machine appliqued in place. A considerable amount of machine quilting adds the detail and surface texture. Oreo is covered with variegated thread in floral patterns. Only the lemons are covered with free-motion embroidery.

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