At the Screen Door by Ann Fahl

At the Screen Door

Price: $1,600.00  Size: 22 x 33 inches
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Every cat owner knows about their pet’s desire to go outside. When I was growing up, we just opened up the door and let the cat out. It was hard to keep track of whether the cat was in or out! My late Uncle Bill Jones, who grew weary of all the pets in his home, is remembered as saying, “Never deny a cat an exit.”

Today, life is different. Cat’s don’t roam free, they have to stay indoors to keep them healthier. Oreo gets to go outside, only when I accompany her while on a leash. Now adjusted to the leash, she loves to go out and sniff around; chew on some grass and watch all the animals outside. She is a natural hunter, so at first she didn’t like the leash idea at all. Now she sits at the door, late morning, and meows to remind me it is time for her daily outing.

Oreo is machine appliquéd over a pieced background representing our red doors. Tulle is laid over the “screen” area, and quilting is done with variegated threads. My favorite red striped fabric is used for the bias binding.

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