Mesa Verde: Cliff Palace by Ann Fahl

Mesa Verde:  Cliff Palace

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My trip to Mesa Verde in April 2007 was really inspiring. I could hardly wait to make a quilt with all the wonderful bricks and ladders from the ruins. This particular cluster of dwellings was from the Cliff Palace area, the largest of the cliffside living areas of the Puebloans in this National Park.

The bricks are quilted using a rectangular idea. To give the illusion of shading: thread color was changed, darkest for the brick outlines on the left, moving to the lightest beige on the right side. There is some embroidery on the ladders and the vegetation on the right and lower edge. A black striped binding was used on the edges. Wool batting.

I am so grateful to Jill Fischer, Durango CO, for arranging this trip, providing warm clothes and even a camera for me to use! We had a wonderful time exploring Mesa Verde National Park.

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