Egyptian Garden I by Ann Fahl

Egyptian Garden I

Price: $6,000.00  Size: 65 x 45 inches
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Both royal and wealthy Egyptians loved water gardens, as they were a place to sit and enjoy the lush cool water and rich plant life that were such a contrast to their surrounding desert environment. I have changed the perspective of the pond somewhat to give us a slightly different view of the scene.

Ponds were historically surrounded by date palms, daum palms, sycamore figs, kumquat trees, and pomegranate trees. The flowers here are poppies, cornflowers, lotus, papyrus, and mandrake fruit. Geese, ducks and fish are swimming in the pond. The cartouche in the upper left corner includes my initials, AHF.

These ancient images, shown in profile have always spoken to me. I’ve interpreted them in hand dyed fabrics by Dagmar Plenk, and used lots of free-motion embroidery and appliqué. Sit back and enjoy the cool refreshing pond, feel the hot desert breeze, the sound of the water and the clear blue sky above.

The garden depicted in this quilt was inspired by an ancient painting in the tomb of Nebamun, an Egyptian official. It is used with permission of The British Museum, London. Eleven paintings are in the complete collection.

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