Egyptian Water Garden II by Ann Fahl

Egyptian Water Garden II

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This quilt was inspired by an ancient Egyptian tomb painting, sketched and copied by Niccolo Rosellini on an Egyptian expedition in early 1800’s.

My Water Garden II is the second quilt in a series of water garden settings. I love how the ancients change the perspective of objects and make use of silhouettes instead of showing an “actual” view. I am always drawn to these silhouettes and want to portray them in my work using fabric and thread.

This scene features a sycamore fig tree above a small water garden. Poppies in earthen pots grace one side of the garden with lotus and geese on the opposite edge. I created a simple patchwork blue sky above the desert in the background. A lush hand dyed green area surrounds the pond itself.

The subjects are machine appliqued, embroidered and richly quilted to add texture and detail. My cartouche is in the upper right corner. A feather that represents the goddess Maat, goddess of balance, is atop the tree. A striped binding cut from two different fabrics creates a simple edge to this unbordered quilt.

Now in the collection of the Racine Art Museum.

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