Pyramids by Ann Fahl


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Inspired by my 2018 trip to Egypt. On the second day of the tour, we went to Giza. When I stepped off the bus to see the desert landscape, I was in awe of the vista including three giant pyramids and 3 tiny queens pyramids. This was similar to the view I had seen on television documentaries many times, and here I was standing in the desert, actually seeing it.

This quilt was designed for a specific spot in my home, where I can look at it frequently. Half of the turquoise sky fabric was dipped in a bleach solution to create a subtle color change. The desert is depicted with a commercial fabric, framed by a saturated dark brown, almost black fabric border. For artistic balance, I added the small dark pyramid in the distance.

The heavy quilting creates all the texture in this piece. The sand is all one color, but there are dips, waves and rocks as far as the viewer can see. The sky is cloudless, because of the climate. To create some visual interest in the sky, I quilted three more pyramidal shapes in the background.

This piece is raw edge applique, the attached border is stitched with a decorative machine stitch in a brown variegated thread. The quilting is all done with variegated decorative thread. There is wool batting inside. The edges are finished with solid black bias binding.

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