Single Water Lily by Ann Fahl

Single Water Lily

Price: $5,000.00  Size: 54 x 46 inches
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One very large water lily floats over two lily pads. After making a number of quilts featuring clusters of water lilies, I wanted to fabricate one that focused on just one, up close. The flower itself is 34 inches and was created using a selection of white and beige cottons. The center focus is one of Melody Johnson's hand dyed cottons. The flower is heavily embroidered with white, beige and blue threads. The lily floats above two very large pads of silk and wool cotton. To add surface interest they are layered with purple tulle and then cut away to mimic the bubbles resting on the top. This quilt is bordered in both dark blue and purple fabrics that are almost black. The entire piece is machine quilted in a scallop design to add to a watery feeling.

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