The Walking Bridge by Ann Fahl

The Walking Bridge

Price: $7,000.00  Size: 60 x 81 inches
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Before you is my memory of the old footbridge across the canal at Winona Lake, Indiana. There are three bridges that cross the canal, two for cars, and one for pedestrians. I’ve walked over it hundreds of times.

This quilt is my remembrance of a time when Winona was a quieter community. My sister and I could paddle the canoe under the bridge and never see a single person. Turtles and frogs would sleep and warm themselves in the sun undisturbed! Although I remember my early years spent playing here with great fondness, this area had an atmosphere of darkness, it was rundown, and seemed like no one cared.

Now the canal has been dredged, shops and a restaurant have opened in the area. Part of me feels a great loss at all the changes. But another part of me is thankful that Winona Lake has a positive future. Now there is a feeling of sun, light and energy about the village.

Today when I walk over the bridge from McDonald Island, I leave my childhood memories behind, and walk toward the refurbished houses full of interesting shops. I am hopeful when there are folks walking downtown, resting in the parks and enjoying the swan pond. Winona has changed, but it is a positive healthy transformation. All of our children will be able to enjoy some of the old blended with the new.

The background is made using my technique of free-form patchwork. Trees, leaves, bridge and water lilies are fused and heavily machine embroidered. Machine quilted and bound with two different striped fabrics.

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