Party Girl by Ann Fahl

Party Girl

Price: $1,700.00  Size: 27 x 27 inches
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Oreo's back is toward us as she watches the party streamers. They're falling around her, over her favorite catnip doll and ball. The words "Happy New Year" are placed on the quilt and are heavily embroidered with black thread so they appear three dimensional. The inner border, streamers and doll are all machine appliqued on a background of colorful 6 inch squares. The cat is densely covered with heavy zigzag embroidery in both black and white thread to make her look hairy. The background is playfully quilted with bright variegated threads. I started this quilt on New Year's Day, 2003 and completed on the end of the month!

Oreo and I hope your new year is a happy and healthy one.

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