Drink of Water by Ann Fahl

Drink of Water

Price: $1,800.00  Size: 27 x 28 inches
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The experts say all of us should drink more water. Oreo is getting her drink of cool water from the toilet, she prefers the one upstairs! This scene is a common one in my lifetime, I've had so many cats.

The cat is heavily machine embroidered with an all-over zagzag stitch. She is clinging to the toilet of white cotton. This vignette is set in an attic window type background. The red is a beaded tile wall; the yellow behind the toilet is stitched to look like wallpaper; and the floor is a batik print. With the exception of the cat and toilet, everything is quilted with red variegated thread. The red helps to unify the three unrelated fabrics in the background. A wide multi-colored stripe is used for the binding.

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