Hairy Homage by Ann Fahl

Hairy Homage

Price: $2,500.00  Size: 35 x 32 inches
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This quilt was made using left over black and white cats from earlier feline quilt projects! I have made a total of 22 quilts that include images of Oreo. Any quilter knows that there will be plenty of scraps left over!

All are embroidered on a simple patchwork background of red, blue, green and yellow. Some of the blocks include descriptive phrases about Oreo, "wonderful whiskers," the "longest tale," etc. The large blue block includes the names of all the cats I’ve lived with, prior to Oreo. They all have enriched my life by adding affection, humor and cat hair.

This simple patchwork quilt uses; machine embroidered cats, computer printed photos and text, on commercial fabric. The heavy machine quilting is done with a variegated thread of red, yellow, blue and green. Bound with a black stripe.

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