Whiskers by Ann Fahl


Price: $2,700.00  Size: 36 x 36 inches
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Here is a really close up look at Oreo, AKA Psycho T. Cat. She is looking right at you with glowing green/gold eyes.

She was created by fusing white and gray cotton for the light areas. Black, blue, dark red and dark green fabrics were used to create the dark mask. It took days to embroider her face using a variety of white and black threads, and a zigzag free-motion stitch to completely cover her face. When the embroidery was finished, she was appliqued onto a hand dyed turquoise to moss green background.

I love her whiskers. When she sits in the sun, they seem to glow. A satin stitch with bright white thread was used to create them. The satin stitch provides enough contrast in texture so that her white whiskers show over a backdrop of white fur.

Her nose is bright pink. When she plays, it goes from pale to bright as she becomes more active. I hope you enjoy a close-up look at my kitty!

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