Morning Bath by Ann Fahl

Morning Bath

Price: $3,300.00  Size: 42 x 38 inches
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Oreo is licking her paw. She spends hours keeping herself clean; I think she has the cleanest white paws in town! Here she is on a soft blue and yellow patchwork quilt. As soon as she finishes her bathing ritual, she will curl up and take a nap.

In my studio she will always find the quilt I'm working on and immediately get comfortable right on top!, There is a poem printed on a yellow rectangle, placed on the lower center edge of the quilt:

by Jacquie Scuitto

The pampered pets of quilters
Sleep on expensive beds,
Of quilts in greens and purples,
Yellows and blues and reds.
The quilts don’t have to be finished—
Any stage of completion will do:
As long as it’s fabric meant for a quilt
They’ll find it and lie on it too!

The cat is heavily embroidered with a nappy wool and acrylic blend thread in a zigzag stitch, all on a yellow background and is machine quilted with a yellow and orange variegated thread in a spiral and flame pattern. Bound with a yellow and blue chintz print.

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