Dancing With Thread by Ann Fahl

Dancing With Thread
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This book is packed full of information about machine quilting. It takes the reader through all the steps of the free-motion machine quilting process, so with practice, you will be successful. All you need is a sewing machine with a straight stitch, good lighting and a large flat surface surrounding your machine.

Ann has included lots of tips for manipulating the quilt and for solving thread and stitching problems. This is a thorough guide that includes a discussion of tools, supplies, needles, batting, threads, sewing machines and darning foot attachments.

If you would like your quilting to become simpler and less formal, this book is for you. There is a beautiful gallery of quilts in the beginning for you to read about how Ann creates her quilts. The end of the book has 5 projects that range from beginner to experienced level. The last few pages are a "tech support" section that lists all the problems you may have, and ways to correct them.

When Ann was 6 years old, she wanted to be a ballerina and wear the pretty pink toe shoes like her friends; but it wasn't to be. She still feels like she missed something. One day when quilting on her machine, the process was flowing beautifully, her creative energy was soaring, she realized that "I was dancing on the surface of my quilt. I love this spontaneous no marking approach to quilting. It fits my personality and my design style."

Every quilter, no matter what your experience level, will find something helpful in this book. We will dance together!

Ann will be happy to autograph the book just for you. If you would like a special message, please e-mail Ann separately. The book is full color, 8.5 x 11 inches, 96 pages, with paper cover.

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