A Black and White Tale by Ann Fahl

A Black and White Tale
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Oreo is a real cat doing all the things that real cats do. Her daily activities and surroundings are lovingly depicted in a series of colorful quilts by her observant owner; with comments in light verse by another cat lover.

You can follow Oreo from breakfast to her late night gaze at the stars; enjoy her bewilderment at the holiday rituals of her owners; and observe her reactions to the outside world. You will return again and again to study the quilts, their designs and color combinations. A section at the end of the book is devoted to descriptions and back stories of the creation of each quilt. Best of all, you can share this book with other quilters and cat lovers of all ages.

The authors and cat lovers mentioned above are:

Oreo, the cat, was adopted by the Fahl family in 2000. She's a very energetic cat who has provided the family with love, affection, entertainment, exasperation and lots of cat hair. Because of her very graphic nature of her black and white fur, she became a perfect addition to Ann's quilts.

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