Dancing on Your Quilt

Dancing on Your Quilt an Art Quilting Workshop by Ann Fahl Cover

Come and dance on your quilt in this multi-day workshop with Ann Fahl. The process of quilting can be one of the most satisfying and creative parts of making a quilt. Watching the surface of your quilt come alive is exhilarating. It makes all your hard work seem worthwhile.

So, instead of sending your quilt out, why not learn to free-motion machine quilt yourself? Try this more free-spirited approach to your quilting; with little marking; using Ann's new book Dancing with Thread as a guide. Please bring a small quilt top from home, to practice on in class. Ann has lots of thread, quilt preparation and machine tips to make your quilting easier and more successful. This class is for the student that has some experience with machine quilting and wears dancing shoes.

Supply List

every student is responsible for understanding their sewing machine and how to adjust it. Some brands have computer menus that are difficult to navigate. You will need to know how to: raise and lower top tension; lower feed dogs; change stitch width; change stitch length; reduce pressure on the presser foot; know how to set your machine for free-motion work. Some Viking machines have a free-motion override setting, know how to find and activate it.

Thread and needles may be purchased from instructor.

For workshops longer than 2 days: we will customize a supply list for your group.

Please provide one large table for each two students, and iron and ironing board for every seven students. Blackboard or whiteboard and markers. Please no more than 20 students. Two large tables for the use of the instructor.

Fee and Travel Information

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