Orange Coneflowers by Ann Fahl

Orange Coneflowers

Price: $5,000.00  Size: 54 x 43 inches
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One of my favorite quilts is Wow, That’s Orange. A detail photo of that quilt interested me. I enlarged the image and reversed the colors to create this new quilt. So this one, has two bright orange flowers embroidered over an electric blue patchwork background.

The shadowed areas were embroidered onto the surface of the flowers with a variegated blue thread. The cones were created by layering yellow to lime green fabrics and accenting them with embroidered purple and red dots. Each flower is oversized, measuring about 36 inches across!

The quilting on the flowers creates small cell-like units on the petals, small circles around the dots, and a semi-circular pattern fills the background. The binding is made with 3 different fabrics; a blue and black plaid, a multi orange batik, and a darker orange print.

Why did I make this quilt? Just for the joy of working with orange.

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