Tiptoe by Ann Fahl


Price: $1,800.00  Size: 32 x 27 inches
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Here is a fanciful beaded garden with Oreo tiptoeing through it. Please sing along with me, "Tiptoe, through the tulips....."

In the past several years I have enjoyed making tiny beaded garden quilts; and I wanted to make another with my cat in it. This one has more machine applique than free-motion embroidery. My last quilt, Morning Bath, had so much embroidery in the body of the cat, I didn't want to ever make any more like that. So this one is fabricated with a white floral print and a gray and black print. I had more fun with the quilting designs adding a tiny daisy pattern to the white areas. There is a small leaf pattern quilted in the sky.

The quilt is set on a blue patchwork background with green squares at the lower edge. The tulips and little flowers cover the "grass" area and are beaded by hand. The double border uses a narrow black and white stripe and the outer edge is a green and black print. A narrow black striped binding makes the edge sparkle as it repeats some of the same colors of the flowers and beads.

This quilt was really fun to make, and hope you enjoy looking at it.

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