A Quilter's Menagerie by Ann Fahl

A Quilter's Menagerie

Price: $8,000.00  Size: 61 x 62 inches
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Many of my personal symbols are included in this tree of life quilt. Images that I am using in my current work, and those from the past, can be found here: a swan, heron, black-eyed susans, coneflowers, a ginkgo leaf, my cat Oreo, water lilies, dragonfly, and spirals can be found here. The tree is a fig tree that I found during my Egyptian research. This small fig tree can be found in many wall drawings with fruit, monkeys or gods as a part of the tree. The little vine with white flowers that grows through the quilt, blooms every year on my deck it is Clematis Paniculata.

I wanted the machine quilting to continue the tree and leaf theme. So, in the body of the quilt I used a leaf and loop pattern to fill the background. The outer border has branches of leaves that cut diagonally across the edge, alternating with an occasional spiral which represents all my spiral rose quilts. The remaining areas are filled with a twist and loop design. The edges are bound with a lovely green and deep red stripe that pulls together the greens and browns of the quilt.

An award winner at AQS-Nashville 2008.

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