Pipe Dreams by Ann Fahl

Pipe Dreams

Price: $1,800.00  Size: 35 x 23 inches
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From time to time an ordinary event can inspire a new piece of art. The upstairs toilet was replaced after 20 plus years of service. The new one is shiny and white and it flushes really fast. What I found appealing was the new circular wall plate that covers the hole in the wall where the water supply is located. Our wonderful handyman/carpenter, Bob Houdek, put on a shiny new one to replace the horrible old rusty one.

In this fantasy quilt, you can see what happens behind my new toilet. Just to the left of center you can see the new wall plate around the water pipe. It's there for all to admire. But if you peak around the toilet, you can see what else is there!

One of my continuing personal challenges is to use up left-over pieces from other quilts. The beautiful dark green cat, was from Summer Sanctuary, and the goose from Egyptian Garden II. Everything else was fabricated and fused from scraps to make the wall plate and plumbing more fun. Enjoy.

Machine pieced, fused, embroidered, appliqued and quilted with some hand beading.

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