Trillium in Technicolor by Ann Fahl

Trillium in Technicolor

Price: $4,300.00  Size: 43 x 49 inches
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Five oversized Trillium grace a pastel patchwork background. The flowers are in bold turquoise, red, purple and rose, which are a bold contrast with the soft patchwork. The stems and leaves are made from a rich purple and black overdyed fabric. The flowers and leaves are machine appliqu├ęd with a decorative stitch.

The quilting is quite heavy using a small trillium flower, spirals and leaves in the background. Quilting on the leaves is done with a dark variegated thread that seems to sing on the surface. Many seashells and curved lines cover their surface. The quilting on the flowers is similar, using variegated threads that blend with their petal color.

There is no fabric border on this quilt, but the subtle quilting on the outside edge suggests a border. The wavy vertical lines are uneven and fill in the space between the edge and the trillium pattern I used in the center. This is my most creative quilting to date; it is truly outstanding. The binding is a commercial medium pastel faux hand dyed fabric.

In May of 2011 I altered this finished quilt. This is something I rarely do, when a quilt is done, I move on to other things. The largest flower in the foreground was bright orange and I always found it extremely jarring. So this time I chose my new color much more carefully, to a bright rose. It took three evenings of handwork, as I hand appliqued the new petal over top of the old orange one. Then re-quilted the flower with a variegated thread over top of everything. One would have to examine this quilt very closely to recognize the fact that it has been changed. I don't even think a quilt judge would notice. I am finally pleased with this quilt!

The word Technicolor is used with permission.

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