Summer Sanctuary by Ann Fahl

Summer Sanctuary

Price: Not For Sale  Size: 48 x 53 inches
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The summer in this quilt, was the year that book 6 of the Harry Potter series was published. This was my chair for reading, on the landing of our deck in the back yard. The temperature was extremely hot, and this spot was the only place that was in the shade. That year the geraniums and coleus were spectacular. I took a picture of the setting because it looked so appealing that steamy day in July.

After the quilt was completed, Oreo was added to give some strong contrast to this peaceful green scene. No doubt she will make it more difficult for me to read too! I seldom add something to a quilt after I declare it "finished." As you can see, Oreo was needed!

I used every technique for machine applique that I could devise and added some free-motion embroidery as well. The quilting is very heavy. I danced all over the background, including many many leaves. The quilting in the chair and geraniums in the front, is much lighter.

Tuscany wool batting is inside, and a green striped fabric is used for the binding on the edges. Now in a private collection.

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