My Purple Vase by Ann Fahl

My Purple Vase

Price: $750.00  Size: 17 x 22 inches
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The yellow patchwork background is a sample which I used during my appearance on I chose an ombre sheer fabric for the round purple vase, with 3 coneflowers, one is drooping down onto the table top.

The flowers are embroidered with pink thread and shaded with purple. The quilting is done with a variegated yellow thread over the entire background with an occasional flaming spiral pattern for interest. The binding is a commercial gold print.

Some of my viewers might recognize the vase, which can also be found in my quilt named Ginkgoes Galore. The following is a poem I wrote!

Ode to My Purple Vase By Ann Fahl (c)Dec 22, 2010

Oh, you are such a wonderful purple
But my new vase looks like a urinal.
Your glass is both rippled and clear
With a price of five dollars you're hardly premier.

Add a flower, you totally transform
Into an object whose color both cool and warm.
With embroidered flowers and curly green leaves
You are a sight that's so sure to please!

The big pink flowers and fabrics scrappy
You are a sight that makes me ever so happy.
With thread covered flowers and leaves at your base
You have now read my Ode to this little vase!

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