Tragedy on Esplanade by Ann Fahl

Tragedy on Esplanade

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There is a place overlooking Winona Lake called Sunset Point. At midnight on Sep 18, 2010, Mallori Kastner and Jeremy Mohr were sitting in a hammock tied between two trees on a street named Esplanade. The sunset was long over and the lake was sparkling under the moonlight. A tree on one end of the hammock fell over killing Mallori and severely injuring Jeremy.

Winona Lake is a very special place in my life. It was where I spent my summers swimming, boating and skiing and watching sunsets with my great grandmother. It is a magical place where my extended family still gathers each year. As a teenager, I got my first kiss at Winona. I’ve married, had 2 children, had a full career as an artist, and I still love spending time at our family cottage, whenever possible.

When I learned of this terrible tragedy I needed to create a memorial for Mallori. Unlike me, neither she nor Jeremy will be able to enjoy a full life as I have had. I hope Jeremy, his family and Mallori’s will reach the point where they can cope and live with this accident which has so changed their lives.

The scene that you see is not an exact replication of the accident scene. I have chosen to use a ginkgo tree on the right hand edge of the quilt, and just a stump on the left. The hammock is not a knotted rope type that was actually there, I have made it red so it becomes the focal point of the quilt.

You've seen small impromptu memorials at the side of the road or at the scene of an accident. I have scattered my favorite flowers on the ground and in what remains of the hammock.

Using commercial, hand dyed and tulle fabrics, I’ve fused, appliquéd and machine embroidered the subjects into position. Colored pencil was used for shadowing in the foreground. Most of the machine quilting is done with either black or green variegated thread. On the lower edge the name of the street is subtly quilted into fabric. I hand beaded the areas in the sky where the moon is shining through the leaves.The edges are bound with a commercial black print and there is Wool batting inside.

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