Spring Gift by Ann Fahl

Spring Gift

Price: $5,500.00  Size: 48 x 54 inches
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Trillium are such lovely flowers. I will put them in my quilts again and again. On this quilt they are over-sized and set in a shady woods patchwork of rich blue squares. The flowers are cut from a very pale green and blue fabric that I painted myself. Their centers are cut and embroidered over another hand painted fabric.

Every year, trillium spring up in my woods and reach their peak in early to mid-May. It is a simple yet extremely beautiful flower that reaches about 6 inches in height; with 3 petals, 3 sepals, and 3 large leaves. Each has 3 deep veins running the length of the petal or leaf. I have taken some artistic liberties with the quilting on the flowers and leaves, I wanted to create something dramatic with the quilting, rather than being realistic.

In this quilt the flowers are machine appliquéd in place using a new stitch that I’ve developed: called Florentine Edge Appliqué. It is based on my free-motion embroidery stitching, and creates an extremely wide stitch that covers the edges. It creates a soft subtle edge which can be as wide as needed to fit the shape. Sometimes I feel the hard ridge of a satin stitched edge isn't appropriate for my subject. For years I've wanted something like my new tri-step idea.

The background is quilted using 3 different motifs in a diagonal section of the quilt. I used a trillium, a 3 leaf vine, and a flaming spiral in many different values of blue variegated threads. The outer edges are bound with 3 different commercially printed stripes and prints in light to very dark hues. Wool batting.

I really love this quilt, it turned out exactly as I saw it in my mind when I conceived the idea. Looking at this piece, makes me feel good. Now in a private collection.

To learn more about Florentine Edge Appliqué, a booklet is available explaining Ann's favorite methods of machine appliqué. Go to the Books tab on the left for information on Appliqué Ann's Way.

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