Coneflower Tea by Ann Fahl

Coneflower Tea

Price: $1,000.00  Size: 22 x 22 inches
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This quilt in part of a series based on my favorite shape, the ginkgo leaf. Here sits my new red teapot, fabricated in a turquoise hand dyed fabric this time; on the leaf which doubles as a tabletop.

Three large embroidered coneflowers are steeping in the pot to make Echinacea tea. The mugs are rich purple accented with a turquoise band of stitching and an embroidered tiny pink flower decorates the pot. The gingko is constructed of hand painted green/yellow fabric which has been embroidered in position using my Florentine Edge Applique technique.

The quilting is playful in the negative spaces. I chose to use a dark variegated Rainbow thread. If you look closely you may find the words: Echinacea,drink tea,and teabag included in the machine quilting. The bias binding is a dark gray commercial fabric with beige, gray, wine and red branches printed on it. There is wool batting inside.

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