Six Ginkgoes by Ann Fahl

Six Ginkgoes

Price: $2,100.00  Size: 21 x 72 inches
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This quilt came into being because of a need for a long narrow quilt to hang on a huge wall in my living room. So I created bright four patch blocks, bordered them with black or almost black sashing. Five of these blocks were stitched together in a row, with an added wide border of a double dyed blue and black fabric from Melody Johnson.

To add interest I added 6 over-sized ginkgo leaves, rather than placing one in the center of each of 5 blocks. The leaves were fused and stitched using my Florentine Edge Applique which creates a very wide stitch that covers the raw edges. Together, all these things created a brilliant colorful piece, better than I had envisioned!

The piece was then quilted using a layer of wool batting. The quilting was done with many decorative threads both solid color and variegated. The outer edges of the quilt were faced rather than bound with bias strips. This provides a simple uncluttered edge.

As I have mentioned many times about my work, the ginkgo leaf is so beautiful, that I use it again and again. Many years ago I discovered a ginkgo tree and leaves at the swan pond in Winona Lake Indiana which is my favorite place in all the world.

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