Valentine Mosaic by Ann Fahl

Valentine Mosaic

Price: Not For Sale  Size: 17 x 18 inches
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This art quilt was inspired by a closeup image of a European mosaic posted on Facebook. Included in the photo was a heart cut in half. Just one look at the photo and I immediately went to my studio and started working on this small quilt.

Starting with a square of murky hand dyed gray fabric, I added little bits and scraps from my fused scrap drawer. I added three hearts cut in half and couldn’t resist adding a blue dragonfly to the collage.

I kept adding small items until I was pleased with the result. They are stitched onto the background with variegated threads, using a straight stitch along the very edge. There are only a few beads sewn inside of each heart.

For the background quilting I decided to use little squares and rectangles to carry out the mosaic theme, completely filling the background with them.

The border is a black fossil fern fabric. On the inside edges I quilted the same little mosaic theme, then filled the outer edges with wavy diagonal lines. There is a small heart quilted in each of the four corners. The edges are bound with a dark blue, green and black batik, which provides a subtle contrast to the border fabric. Wool batting. In a private collection.

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