At Peace: View of the Swan Pond by Ann Fahl

At Peace: View of the Swan Pond

Price: $4,000.00  Size: 56 x 56 inches
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This idyllic scene, comes from a childhood memory. My favorite place at Winona Lake, Indiana was the swan pond situated on the main road near the park. Even when I was little, I could walk by myself 2 or 3 blocks to the pond, and watch the swans gliding through the water. There was a small island in the middle where the female could sit on her nest and protect her eggs. This was a place that was quiet and peaceful, something we need to find in our world today.

The background is made from strips of cotton and the vegetation in the background is made with a technique called free-form patchwork. The swans are machine appliqued using a wide variety of cottons, silk, and chintz. Their eyes are beaded and the entire piece is machine quilted. The reflection in the water uses a thin layer of illusion veiling, which is quilted over then partially removed. The sky is stitched using a clamshell design, the birds are heavily quilted to enhance the feathers. Currently this quilt is not available for sale.

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