My Covid Valentine by Ann Fahl

My Covid Valentine

Price: $350.00  Size: 15 x 16 inches
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The entire world has been in the midst of a Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020 and 21. Everyone’s life is affected to the very core of their existence.

In this quilt, goldfish are swimming through the sea, surrounded by water, sea weed and white and red Covid virus segments. The citizens of the world are like these fish, we are breathing in the midst of all the virus, spread by humans and their moist breath. Unlike the fish, we are wearing masks, but can never be sure we will remain virus free.

The fish are machine appliqued, the seaweed is fused and raw edge appliqued over machine pieced strips of light blue fabric. The beading was done by hand. The machine quilting mimics the water and includes the word “Covid” sewn across the background. The fish are detailed with a variegated dark thread to create the scales and fins.

A dark blue and green border, completes the quilt. There are several Covid segments appliqued with beads scattered over it as well. On close inspection you will find little hearts and the word “Covid” in the border too. The bias binding is a blue, purple and green leaf print which also forms the strands of seaweed found in the main portion of the quilt. Wool batting inside.

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