Morning on the Nile by Ann Fahl

Morning on the Nile

Price: $3,500.00  Size: 48 x 53 inches
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At last, the Covid pandemic came to an end. For me it was a difficult time, because of the death of two close family members. I made very few quilts during this period. Finally, new ideas emerged, and the entire design process flowed easily. This is a positive sign; that my quilt will be a success; and it's also a celebration of the return of my inspiration.

The quilt is fused and appliqued on a background of 6 inch cotton squares. It began with sunny yellow in the center, changing hues to blue and green on the outer edges. This created the feel that it is morning and the sun is rising behind the subjects.

My original idea was to have swans in the center. As one can see, heron like birds were featured instead, feeding near a stand of papyrus. All of the subjects are machine embroidered (my favorite technique). There are no attached borders around the edges, as I wanted the subjects to appear to float in the middle.

I have used fish to create the corners and one long thin Gar-like fish to add weight to the lower edge. The birds, plants and fish drawings all came from tomb or temple artwork found on ancient walls. Many photos came from a trip to Egypt.

The quilting is all done with free-motion machine work, also with the same variegated threads used in the embroidery. The viewer will find spirals, loops, hearts, stars and scarab beetles in the stitching across the quilt. Wool batting is inside, and the edges are faced, instead of bias bound edges.

This quilt will be included in the "Racine and Vicinity Exhibition 2024" a juried exhibition, at Wustum Museum of Fine Art in Racine WI. June 12 to August 10, 2024

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