Broken Trellis by Ann Fahl

Broken Trellis

Price: $1,900.00  Size: 42 x 32 inches
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A grid like structure of metallic embroidered strips is a foundation for a collection of leaves, pentagons and spirals left over from early spiral rose quilts. This was an experimental quilt, made in an improvisational manner. It was fun to see how parts from earlier quilts would fit together. I played a little with the embroidery techniques, and came up with a new way to embroider my spirals. I used a free-motion stitch that zigzagged across the width of the spiral using reflective metallic thread. This was a very successful discovery, as my next spiral quilt won an award at the AQS show in Paducah. The surface is machine quilted and the edges are bound with matching fabric.

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