Wow That's Orange by Ann Fahl

Wow That's Orange

Price: $8,000.00  Size: 59 x 64 inches
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This quilt exudes light, warmth, energy and positive feelings. My creative spirit is energized just by looking at this quilt, It is one of my lifetime best.

The color scheme was inspired by a tiny quilt I made which included coneflowers in red, blue, and yellow on an orange background. The edges were bound with a wonderful bright stripe. The piece spoke to me, so I knew I had to use the idea for a large quilt.

Because I didn’t have a wide range of orange fabrics, I asked the members of the Quilt/art list to trade me 6 inch orange squares for some of my quilt postcards. I hoped for about 100 squares. Well, I received over 300 squares. I took this as a sign, that the quilt should be larger than I usually make, to use more of the gifted squares.

After setting on the double fused border, I used the same drawings for flowers, much enlarged that were included in September Coneflowers. The flowers were fabricated in colors that were in the striped binding fabric. The centers were cut from a wonderful rainbow polka dot fabric I had purchased a year before. When the centers went on the flowers, the quilt began to sing to me. This is an exciting part of designing a quilt. The colors don’t always vibrate as much as this one does.

Before the embroidery and quilting was complete, two more quilts were made using orange squares and left over flowers: Under the Giant Coneflowers, Portrait of a Quilter’s Helper, which you will find in the cat gallery! There are still orange squares left for another project.

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