End of the Season by Ann Fahl

End of the Season

Price: $3,500.00  Size: 48 x 48 inches
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September is a dismal time of year for my black-eyed susans. The last of the flowers have bloomed. Most of the buds are starting to die and turn black. As a gardner, I leave them alone rather than cut them back, because the birds like to eat the little seeds in the winter time. In this quilt, all but three of the flowers are spent, black and withering away. This part of the gardening season saddens me, but I do know that they will re-emerge next year. So for these particular flowers, I have created a very lively and colorful background of yellow, orange and red squares. The flowers and leaves are fused, heavily embroidered and machine quilted. The background is playfully quilted in variegated threads in a tight meandering pattern, or a pebbley design around the base of the plants. Winner of "Use of Color Award, 2nd place", at MAQF 2003 in Williamsburg, VA.

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