Great Grandma's Bench by Ann Fahl

Great Grandma's Bench

Price: Not For Sale  Size: 38 x 35 inches
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This is a picture of how I remember the yard during the summer at the cottage in Winona Lake. Grandma always made sure there were lots of toys for everyone to play with; you can see a canoe, a motorboat (with the precious 16 horse Johnson), water skis, beach towels, fishing net, Great-Grandma's flowerpot, and fishing poles. During that very long one-hour wait after lunch before we could go swimming, I liked to make mud pies. So on the bench, you can see all the pails, pans, plates, shovels and the sprinkling can that I used to create my muddy delicacies. The yard looks cluttered, but it was heaven for me.

The details are machine appliqued or embroidered in place. The entire piece is machine quilted.

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