Art Quilting Lectures and Workshops

Dancing on My Quilts - Ann will show how she dances on her quilts. This Power Point presentation will include lots of large photos of her work and detail photos of how she free-motion quilts. There will be tips on quilt preparation and machine quilting. 60 minutes plus showing of actual quilts.
It's in the Details - a digital presentation based on her book about thread and free-motion embroidery. Actual quilts will also be shown. Appropriate for quilters and quilt guilds. 60-70 min.
Quilts and Inspiration - A digital presentation about Ann's work as an artist and her sources of inspiration. Actual quilts also will be shown. Appropriate for quilters and quilt guilds. 90 minutes.
A New Look at Appliqué! - Machine appliqué is so much more than a satin stitch. Ann will show you 6 ways to appliqué, some new and some old. Even if you don't like appliqué, one method or a combination of methods might appeal to you. Give it a try.
Beaded Landscapes - Learn the basics of hand beading in this full day workshop. It is fun and relaxing, and adds a little sparkle to the surface of your quilt or to a garment. A small beaded landscape, 8.5 x 11 inches, will be the project made during the class.
Black-Eyed Susans - Stitch a wallhanging filled with embroidered black-eyed susans in this two day workshop. Learn Ann's methods of design, fusing, appliqué and free motion embroidery. The class project is based on themes from Ann's prize winning quilts.
Dancing on Your Quilt - The process of quilting can be one of the most satisfying parts of making a quilt. Try a more free-spirited approach to your quilting, using Ann's new book Dancing with Thread as a guide. This is a two day or longer workshop for quilters wanting to try a more spontaneous approach to their machine quilting.
Highlights of Dancing on Your Quilt - Machine quilting can add interest, texture and color to the surface of a quilt. It can be so much more than stitching in the seamlines or straight lines! Ann Fahl's quilts come to life when they are quilted. Learn how it's done in this full day workshop.
Fun With Free-Motion Embroidery - An introductory course appropriate for any quilter wanting to explore machine sewing with the feed dogs down. This is a full day workshop where the students will explore free-motion embroidery techniques and the use of decorative thread. Students will experiment with the techniques on scraps as well as make a small sampler.
Garden Embroideries - Stitch your favorite garden flowers in a warm patchwork setting. Students in this five day workshop will explore the possibilities of pieced environments for use as a background. This becomes a foundation for fused fabric, machine appliqué, free-motion embroidery and exploration of thread, on your favorite flowers from the garden.
Ginkgo Christmas Tree - Learn some of Ann's free-motion embroidery techniques while making this 9 x 12 inch quilt, based on her pattern of the same name. This is a full day workshop for quilters with basic machine skills.
Make Your Quilts Sparkle - Learn the basics of beading a small wallhanging, embellishing a beautiful printed fabric, or just a small appliqué. This full day workshop includes discussion of supplies, equipment, incorporating beading into wallhangings and clothing
Quilts From the Garden - You may choose the flowers to have growing on your quilt. In this two or three day class we will construct a simple pieced background, border and fuse flowers and other garden elements to create an original design.
Mastering Metallics - Remember opening up a new box of crayons as a child? Once you learn about metallic threads, you will feel just as excited about them! This machine class will be packed full of tips for these shiny threads so you too can be successful.
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